Crowdfunding in the production of video games in Spain: Evolution and success on Kickstarter
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Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra
Victoria-Mas, J. S. (Juan Salvador); Ramos-Ábalos, E.M. (Eva María); Arjona-Martín, J.B. (José Borja). "Crowdfunding in the production of video games in Spain: Evolution and success on Kickstarter". Communication & Society. 36 (4), 2023, 117 - 133
This research addresses the use of crowdfunding platforms for the development of video games in Spain. It is part of the group of platform-centred research in order to develop a quantitative analysis of the data contained in them. Specifically, the data provided by Kickstarter for Spanish video game development projects is analysed. Normality tests indicated that the variables do not follow a normal distribution, hence non-parametric tests were used. The success rate of Spanish campaigns is 28.4% for the total number of cases, 40.8% in 2020, which is a steady growth since 2015. The average funding is €16,586.76, €50,056.67 for successful campaigns; however, the median indicates that 50% of the sample does not exceed €1,653 in funding. Regression models are used to develop equations to calculate the amount of funding needed to publish on PC and console, and the number of backers needed to achieve a given amount of funding.

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