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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2023Nuevas fronteras en cirugía bariátrica: una intervención con múltiples posibilidadesArticuloMartínez-Ortega, P. (P.); Arredondo, J. (Jorge)
6-Oct-2022NLRP3 inflammasome: a possible link between obesity-associated low-grade chronic inflammation and colorectal cancer developmentArticuloAhechu-Garayoa, P. (Patricia); Zozaya, G. (Gabriel); Marti, P. (Pablo); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis); Baixauli, J. (Jorge); Unamuno, X. (Xabier); Frühbeck, G. (Gema); Catalan, V. (Victoria)
17-Aug-2022Las variaciones en colesterol-HDL tras bypass gástrico proximal son independientes de la evolución ponderalArticuloLaguna, S. (S.); Andrada, P. (Patricia); Silva, C. (Camilo); Rotellar, F. (Fernando); Valenti, V. (Víctor); Gil, M.J. (María José); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Frühbeck, G. (Gema); Salvador, J. (Javier)
1-Jul-2022Changes in mechanical properties of adipose tissue after bariatric surgery driven by extracellular matrix remodelling and neovascularization are associated with metabolic improvementsArticuloUnamuno, X. (Xabier); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Becerril, S. (Sara); Álvarez-Cienfuegos, J. (Javier); Ramirez, B. (Beatriz); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Ezquerro-Ezquerro, S. (Silvia); Valenti, V. (Víctor); Moncada, R. (Rafael); Mentxaka, A. (Amaia); Llorente, M. (Marcos); Silva, C. (Camilo); Elizalde, R. (Reyes); Catalan, V. (Victoria); Frühbeck, G. (Gema)
29-Jun-2022Laparoscopic radical hepatectomy and lymphadenectomy for incidental gallbladder cancer. Surgical technique with ICG fluorescence enhancementArticuloLujan, J.A. (J.A.); Fusco-Almeida, A.M. (Ana Marisa); Lopez-Olaondo, L. (Luis); Rotellar, F. (Fernando)
11-Jan-2022Decreased Levels of Microfibril-Associated Glycoprotein (MAGP)-1 in Patients with Colon Cancer and Obesity Are Associated with Changes in Extracellular Matrix RemodellingArticuloGómez-de-Segura, I. (Iranzu); Ahechu-Garayoa, P. (Patricia); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Ramirez, B. (Beatriz); Becerril, S. (Sara); Unamuno, X. (Xabier); Mentxaka, A. (Amaia); Baixauli, J. (Jorge); Valenti, V. (Víctor); Moncada, R. (Rafael); Silva, C. (Camilo); Frühbeck, G. (Gema); Catalan, V. (Victoria)
23-Sep-2021Increase of the Adiponectin/Leptin Ratio in Patients with Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes after Roux-en-Y Gastric BypassArticuloUnamuno, X. (Xabier); Izaguirre, M. (Maitane); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Ramirez, B. (Beatriz); Becerril, S. (Sara); Valenti, V. (Víctor); Moncada, R. (Rafael); Silva, C. (Camilo); Salvador, J. (Javier); Portincasa, P. (Piero); Frühbeck, G. (Gema); Catalan, V. (Victoria)
20-Sep-2021Use of Machine-Learning Algorithms in Intensified Preoperative Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer to Predict Individual Risk of RelapseArticuloSala-Elarre, P. (Pablo); Oyaga-Iriarte, E. (Esther); Yu, K.H. (Kenneth H.); Baudin, V. (Vicky); Arbea, L. (Leire); Carranza, O. (Omar); Chopitea, A. (Ana); Ponz-Sarvise, M. (Mariano); Mejías-Sosa, L.D. (Luis D.); Rotellar, F. (Fernando); Larrea-Leoz, B. (Blanca); Iragorri-Barberena, Y. (Yohana); Subtil, J.C. (José Carlos); Benito-Boíllos, A. (Alberto); Pardo, F. (Fernando); Rodríguez-Rodríguez, J. (Javier)
17-Sep-2021Mechanism of bariatric and metabolic surgery: beyond surgeons, gastroenterologists and endocrinologistsRevisionValenti, V. (Víctor); Álvarez-Cienfuegos, J. (Javier); Becerril, S. (Sara); Frühbeck, G. (Gema)
24-Aug-2021Secondary technical resectability of colorectal cancer liver metastases after chemotherapy with or without selective internal radiotherapy in the randomized SIRFLOX trialArticuloGarlipp, B. (B.); Gibbs, P. (P.); Hazel, G. A. (G. A.) Van; Jeyarajah, R. (R.); Martin, R. C. G. (R. C. G.); Bruns, C. J. (C. J.); Lang, H. (H.); Manas, D. M. (D. M.); Ettorre, G. M. (G. M.); Pardo, F. (Fernando); Donckier, V. (V.); Benckert, C. (C.); Gulik, T. M. (T. M.) van; Goéré, D. (D.); Schoen, M. (M.); Pratschke, J. (J.); Bechstein, W. O. (W. O.); Cuesta, A. M. (A. M.) de la; Adeyemi, S. (S.); Ricke, J. (Jeans); Seidensticker, M. (Max)
18-Oct-2016Increased obesity-associated circulating levels of the extracellular matrix proteins Osteopontin, Chitinase-3 Like-1 and Tenascin C are associated with colon cancerArticuloCatalan, V. (Victoria); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Ramirez, B. (Beatriz); Izaguirre, M. (Maitane); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis); Baixauli, J. (Jorge); Marti-Cruchaga, P. (Pablo); Valenti, V. (Víctor); Moncada, R. (Rafael); Silva, C. (Camilo); Salvador, J. (Javier); Frühbeck, G. (Gema)
29-Sep-2014Plasma levels of leukotriene B4 during hepatic allograft rejectionArticuloGonzalez, J. (J.); Pardo, F. (Fernando); Álvarez-Cienfuegos, J. (Javier); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis); Villa, V. (V.) de; Torramade, J. (J.); Diaz, M.C. (M. C.); Pardo-Mindan, F.J. (Francisco Javier); Ortigosa, C.R. (C. R.)
29-Sep-2014Lymphoma of the gastric stump: report of a caseArticuloBenito, C. (C.); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis); Sola, J. (Josu); Albiach, M. (M.); Gonzalez, J. (J.); Villa, V. (V.) de; Voltas, J. (J.)
29-Sep-2014Leukotriene C4 detection as an early graft function marker in liver transplantationArticuloGonzalez, J. (J.); Álvarez-Cienfuegos, J. (Javier); Pardo, F. (Fernando); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis); Benito, C. (C.); Balen, E. (Enrique); Ortigosa, C.R. (C. R.); Pardo-Mindan, F.J. (Francisco Javier); Sola, J. (Josu); Quiroga, J. (Jorge)
18-Sep-2014Papel de la cirugía en el tratamiento del linfoma gástrico primarioArticuloBaixauli, J. (Jorge); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis); Panizo, A. (Ángel); Espi, A. (A.); Rotellar, F. (Fernando); Rodriguez-Spiteri, N. (Natalia); Olea, J. (J.); Martinez-Regueira, F. (Fernando); Diez-Caballero, A. (Alberto); Pardo, F. (Fernando); Álvarez-Cienfuegos, J. (Javier)
30-Aug-2014Analysis of surgical complications of primary tumor resection after neoadjuvant treatment in stage IV colon cancerArticuloBlasco-Blanco, M. (Manuel); Martinez, P. (Patricia); Baixauli, J. (Jorge); Pastor, C. (Carlos); Rodriguez, J. (Javier); Pardo, F. (Fernando); Rotellar, F. (Fernando); Chopitea, A. (Ana); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis)
23-Aug-2014Increased tenascin C and Toll-like receptor 4 levels in visceral adipose tissue as a link between inflammation and extracellular matrix remodeling in obesityArticuloCatalan, V. (Victoria); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Ramirez, B. (Beatriz); Rotellar, F. (Fernando); Valenti, V. (Víctor); Silva, C. (Camilo); Gil, M.J. (María José); Salvador, J. (Javier); Frühbeck, G. (Gema)
14-Aug-2014Identification of a biomarker profile associated with resistance to neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy in rectal cancerArticuloGarcia-Aguilar, J. (Julio); Chen, Z. (Zhenbin); Smith, D.D. (David D.); Li, W. (Wenyan); Madoff, R.D. (Robert D.); Cataldo, P. (Peter); Marcet, J. (Jorge); Pastor, C. (Carlos)
14-Aug-2014Clinical usefulness of a new equation for estimating body fatArticuloGomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Silva, C. (Camilo); Catalan, V. (Victoria); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Galofre, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Escalada, J. (Javier); Valenti, V. (Víctor); Rotellar, F. (Fernando); Romero, S. (Sonia); Ramirez, B. (Beatriz); Salvador, J. (Javier); Frühbeck, G. (Gema)
2-Aug-2014Tumor response assessment in locally advanced colon cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapyArticuloBlasco-Blanco, M. (Manuel); González, I. (Ignacio); Baixauli, J. (Jorge); Martinez, P. (Patricia); Rodriguez, J. (Javier); Pastor, C. (Carlos); Ribelles, M.J. (María Jesús); Sola, J.J. (Jesús Javier); Hernandez-Lizoain, J.L. (Jose Luis)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 106