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2006New therapies for hepatocellular carcinomaArticuloAvila, M.A. (Matías Antonio); Berasain, C. (Carmen); Sangro, B. (Bruno), et al
2002S-adenosylmethionine and methylthioadenosine are antiapoptotic in cultured rat hepatocytes but proapoptotic in human hepatoma cellsArticuloAnsorena-Artieda, E. (Eduardo); Garcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.); Martinez-Chantar, M.L. (María Luz), et al
2010Methylthioadenosine (MTA) inhibits melanoma cell proliferation and in vivo tumor growthArticuloAndreu-Perez, P. (Pedro); Hernandez-Losa, J. (Javier); Moline, T. (Teresa), et al
1998Transformed but not normal hepatocytes express UCP2ArticuloCarretero, M.V. (M. Victoria); Torres, L. (Luis); Latasa, M.U. (María Ujué), et al
2003L-methionine availability regulates expression of the methionine adenosyltransferase 2A gene in human hepatocarcinoma cells: role of S-adenosylmethionineArticuloMartinez-Chantar, M.L. (María Luz); Latasa, M.U. (María Ujué); Varela-Rey, M. (Marta), et al
2003Methionine adenosyltransferase II beta subunit gene expression provides a proliferative advantage in human hepatomaArticuloMartinez-Chantar, M.L. (María Luz); Garcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.); Latasa, M.U. (María Ujué), et al
2007The response of the hepatocyte to ischemiaArticuloMassip-Salcedo, M. (M.); Rosello-Catafau, J. (J.); Prieto, J. (Jesús), et al
2002NO sensitizes rat hepatocytes to proliferation by modifying S-adenosylmethionine levelsArticuloGarcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.); Martinez-Chantar, M.L. (María Luz); Latasa, M.U. (María Ujué), et al
2002Altered liver gene expression in CCl4-cirrhotic rats is partially normalized by insulin-like growth factor-IArticuloMirpuri, E. (Eduardo); Garcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.); Castilla-Cortazar, I. (Inma), et al
2006Amphiregulin contributes to the transformed phenotype of human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsArticuloCastillo, J. (Josefa); Erroba, E. (Elena); Perugorria, M.J. (María J.), et al
2006Up-regulation of the anti-inflammatory adipokine adiponectin in acute liver failure in miceArticuloWolf, A.M. (Anna María); Wolf, D. (Dominik); Avila, M.A. (Matías Antonio), et al
2000Identification of argininosuccinate lyase as a hypoxia-responsive gene in rat hepatocytesArticuloLatasa, M.U. (María Ujué); Carretero, M.V. (M. Victoria); Garcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.), et al
2005Novel role for amphiregulin in protection from liver injuryArticuloBerasain, C. (Carmen); Garcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.); Castillo, J. (Josefa), et al
2005Amphiregulin: an early trigger of liver regeneration in miceArticuloBerasain, C. (Carmen); Garcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.); Castillo, J. (Josefa), et al
1999Induction of TIMP-1 expression in rat hepatic stellate cells and hepatocytes: a new role for homocysteine in liver fibrosisArticuloTorres, L. (Luis); Garcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.); Rodriguez, J.A. (José Antonio), et al
2000Liver-specific methionine adenosyltransferase MAT1A gene expression is associated with a specific pattern of promoter methylation and histone acetylation: implications for MAT1A silencing during transformationArticuloTorres, L. (Luis); Avila, M.A. (Matías Antonio); Carretero, M.V. (M. Victoria), et al
2000DNA methylation and histone acetylation of rat methionine adenosyltransferase 1A and 2A genes is tissue-specificArticuloTorres, L. (Luis); Lopez-Rodas, G. (Gerardo); Latasa, M.U. (María Ujué), et al
2004Anti-inflammatory effects of hepatocyte growth factor: induction of interleukin-1 receptor antagonistArticuloMolnar, C. (Clemens); Garcia-Trevijano, E.R. (Elena R.); Ludwiczek, O. (Othmar), et al
2006Id2 leaves the chromatin of the E2F4-p130-controlled c-myc promoter during hepatocyte priming for liver regenerationArticuloRodriguez, J.L. (José L.); Sandoval, J. (Juan); Serviddio, G. (Gaetano), et al
2003GARBAN: genomic analysis and rapid biological annotation of cDNA microarray and proteomic dataArticuloMartinez-Cruz, L.A. (L. Alfonso); Rubio, A. (Ángel); Martinez-Chantar, M.L. (María Luz), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 85