Innovation-based fault detection and exclusion applied to ultra-wideband augmented urban GNSS navigation
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Ultra-Wideband; GNSS augmentation; Kalman-Filtering; urban navigation; Intelligent Transport Systems; Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE),SYSTEMS
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Zabalegui, P.; de Miguel-Aramburu, G. (Gorka); Mendizabal-Samper, J. (Jaizki); et al. "Innovation-based fault detection and exclusion applied to ultra-wideband augmented urban GNSS navigation". REMOTE SENSING. 15 (1), 2023, 99 - *
Due to their ability to provide a worldwide absolute outdoor positioning, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) have become a reference technology in terms of navigation technologies. Transportation-related sectors make use of this technology in order to obtain a position, velocity, and time solution for different outdoor tasks and applications. However, the performance of GNSS-based navigation is degraded when employed in urban areas in which satellite visibility is not good enough or nonexistent, as the ranging signals become obstructed or reflected by any of the numerous surrounding objects. For these situations, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology is a perfect candidate to complement GNSS as a navigation solution, as its anchor trilateration-based radiofrequency positioning resembles GNSS's principle. Nevertheless, this fusion is vulnerable to interferences affecting both systems, since multiple signal-degrading error sources can be found in urban environments. Moreover, an inadequate location of the augmenting UWB transmitters can introduce additional errors to the system due to its vulnerability to the multipath effect. Therefore, the misbehavior of an augmentation system could lead to unexpected and critical faults instead of improving the performance of the standalone GNSS. Accordingly, this research work presents the performance improvement caused by the application of Fault Detection and Exclusion methods when applied to a UWB-augmented low-cost GNSS system in urban environments.

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