UHF RFID temperature sensor assisted with body-heat dissipation energy harvesting
Battery-free RFID sensor.
Ultrahigh frequency (UHF).
Temperature monitoring.
Thermal energy harvesting.
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Jauregi, I., Solar, H., Beriain, A., Zalbide, I., Jimenez, A., Galarraga, I., & Berenguer, R. (2016). UHF RFID temperature sensor assisted with body-heat dissipation energy harvesting. IEEE Sensors Journal, 17(5), 1471-1478.
The number of wireless medical wearables has increased in recent years and is revolutionizing the current healthcare system. However, the state-of-the-art systems still need to be improved, as they are bulky, battery powered, and so require maintenance. On the contrary, battery-free wearables have unlimited lifetimes, are smaller, and are cheaper. This paper describes a design of a battery free wearable system that measures the skin temperature of the human body while at the same time collects energy from body heat. The system is composed of an UHF RFID temperature sensor tag located on the arm of the patient. It is assisted with extra power supply from a power harvesting module that stores the thermal energy dissipated from the neck of the patient. This paper presents the experimental results of the stored thermal energy, and characterizes the module in different conditions, e.g., still, walking indoors, and walking outdoors. Finally, the tag is tested in a fully passive condition and when it is power assisted. Our experimental results show that the communication range of the RFID sensor is improved by 100% when measurements are done every 750 ms and by 75% when measurements are done every 1000 ms when the sensor is assisted with the power harvesting module.

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