Prognostic implications of tumor-infiltrating T cells in early-stage endometrial cancer
T-cell infiltration
T-cell subpopulations
Endometrial carcinoma
Tissue microarray
CD3+ CD4+ infiltrates
CD3+ PD-1+ stromal cells
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Gallego-Martínez, A. (Alejandro). "Prognostic implications of tumor-infiltrating T cells in early-stage endometrial cancer". Modern Pathology. 35 (2), 2022, 256 - 265
Patients with endometrial cancer differ in terms of the extent of T-cell infiltration; however, the association between T-cell subpopulations and patient outcomes remains unexplored. We characterized 285 early-stage endometrial carcinoma samples for T-cell infiltrates in a tissue microarray format using multiplex fluorescent immunohistochemistry. The proportion of T cells and their subpopulations were associated with clinicopathological features and relapse-free survival outcomes. CD3+ CD4+ infiltrates were more abundant in the patients with higher grade or non-endometrioid histology. Cytotoxic T cells (CD25+, PD-1+, and PD-L1+) were strongly associated with longer relapse-free survival. Moreover, CD3+ PD-1+ stromal cells were independent of other immune T-cell populations and clinicopathological factors in predicting relapses. Patients with high stromal T-cell fraction of CD3+ PD-1+ cells were associated with a 5-year relapse-free survival rate of 93.7% compared to 79.0% in patients with low CD3+ PD-1+ fraction. Moreover, in patients classically linked to a favorable outcome (such as endometrioid subtype and low-grade tumors), the stromal CD3+ PD-1+ T-cell fraction remained prognostically significant. This study supports that T-cell infiltrates play a significant prognostic role in early-stage endometrial carcinoma. Specifically, CD3+ PD-1+ stromal cells emerge as a promising novel prognostic biomarker.

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