Towards inmunotherapeutic exploitation strategies of rotumor and antitumor cytokines
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Immunotherapeutic exploitation strategies
Protumor cytokines
Antitumor cytokines
Cancer immunotherapy
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Universidad de Navarra
OLIVERA, Irene. "Towards inmunotherapeutic exploitation strategies of rotumor and antitumor cytokines". Melero, I. (dir.). Tesis doctoral. Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, 2023.
In the last two decades, cancer immunotherapy has become one of the most promising strategies for cancer treatment. Understanding the link between the immune responses and cancer was essential to the development of these novel therapies. In the late 1950’s, Burnet and Thomas suggested the role of the immune system in the repression of carcinomas (1,2). In 2013, Chen and Mellman (3) published “the cancerImmunity cycle” that conceptually described the indispensable steps for an effective antitumor response (figure 1). The cycle starts with the release of neoantigens by the cancer cells which are captured by the dendritic cells (DCs) for processing. DCs migrate to lymph nodes where they present processed antigens to T cells, activating effector T cell responses. Finally, the activated T cells traffic to the tumor bed where they specifically kill tumor cells which releases additional tumor antigens (3). If this cycle works properly, the immune cells can eliminate or control the tumor. However, cancer cells have developed different mechanisms to resist the immune system attack.

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