Mock-ups fabrication by HRP technology with advanced W-alloy monoblocks for DEMO divertor target
Área de Ciencia y Tecnología de Materiales
EU -DEMO plasma facing components.
Divertor target mock-ups.
Advanced W-alloys.
Plasma facing materials.
Hot radial pressing.
Ultrasonic testing.
Passivating tungsten alloys.
Commercially pure.
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Crea, F.; Böswirth, B.; Cacciotti, E.; et al. "Mock-ups fabrication by HRP technology with advanced W-alloy monoblocks for DEMO divertor target". Fusion engineering and design. 201, 2024, 114232 - *
Tungsten is the primary candidate armour material for the divertor target of the European demonstration fusion power plant. During operation at high temperature, pure tungsten is subject to fracture and recrystallization which results in a loss of strength and worsening of the thermal properties. Additionally, loss-of-coolant accidents with simultaneous air ingress can generate volatile and radioactive tungsten oxides. Advanced W-alloys were developed as alternative and upgrading armour materials of pure tungsten, such as potassium-doped tungsten laminates and self-passivating tungsten alloys. Three mock-ups were manufactured using potassium-doped tungsten laminates, W-10Cr-0.5Y and W-10Cr-0.5Y-0.5Zr as armour materials, each of them consisting of n degrees 4 blocks. The fabrication required optimization and upscaling of the ITER-like process which foresees oxygen-free high conductivity copper as interlayer joined to W-alloy armour block and CuCrZr ITER grade pipe welded to the Cu/W-alloy blocks by hot radial pressing. For quality control of the fabrication steps, non-destructive examination by ultrasonic testing was done on the monoblocks as received, after casting, after hot radial pressing and after high heat flux testing. The results demonstrated that these W-alloys can be used as armour materials of the European demonstration fusion power plant divertor target.

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