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12-Feb-2024The role of angled-tip microcatheter and microsphere injection velocity in liver radioembolization: A computational particle–hemodynamics study.ArticuloAramburu-Montenegro, J. (Jorge); Antón-Remírez, R. (Raúl); Rivas-Nieto, A. (Alejandro); Ramos-González, J. (Juan Carlos); Sangro, B. (Bruno); Bilbao, J.I. (José I.)
6-Feb-2024Murine femur micro-computed tomography and biomechanical datasets for an ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis model.ArticuloStephens, M. (Maialen); Lopez-Linares, K. (Karen); Aldazabal, J. (Javier); Macias, I. (Iratxe); Ortuzar, N. (Naiara); Bulnes, S. (Susana); Alcorta-Sevillano, N. (Natividad); Infante, A. (Arantza); Lafuente, J.V. (José Vicente); Rodriguez, C.I. (Clara I.)
6-Feb-2024Application of texture analysis methods for the characterization of cultured meat.ArticuloParedes-Puente, J. (Jacobo); Cortizo-Lacalle, D. (Diego); Imaz, A.M. (Ane Miren)
6-Feb-2024Gelatin blends enhance performance of electrospun polymeric scaffolds in comparison to coating protocols.ArticuloBikuna-Izagirre, M. (María); Aldazabal, J. (Javier); Paredes-Puente, J. (Jacobo)
6-Feb-2024Ex vivo maturation of 3D-Printed, chondrocyte-laden, polycaprolactone-based scaffolds prior to transplantation improves engineered cartilage substitute properties and integrationArticuloChiesa-Estomba, C.M. (Carlos M.); Hernaez-Moya, R. (Raquel); Rodino, C. (Claudia); Delgado, A. (Alba); Fernández-Blanco, G. (Gonzalo); Aldazabal, J. (Javier); Paredes-Puente, J. (Jacobo); Izeta, A. (Ander); Aiastui, A. (Ana)
5-Feb-2024Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of surfactant delivery within a physical model of the neonatal trachea for different aerosol characteristicsArticuloGoikoetxea-Miranda, E. (Estibalitz); Rivas-Nieto, A. (Alejandro); Murgia-Esteve, X.(Xabier); Antón-Remírez, R. (Raúl)
5-Feb-2024Computational assessment of the effects of the catheter type on particle–hemodynamics during liver radioembolizationArticuloAramburu-Montenegro, J. (Jorge); Antón-Remírez, R. (Raúl); Rivas-Nieto, A. (Alejandro); Ramos-González, J. (Juan Carlos); Sangro, B. (Bruno); Bilbao, J.I. (José I.)
5-Feb-2024Modeling based on design of thermal management systems for vertical elevation applications powered by lithium-ion batteriesArticuloMartin-Martin, L. (Leire); Gastelurrutia, J.(Jon); Nieto, N. (Nerea); Ramos-González, J. (Juan Carlos); Rivas-Nieto, A. (Alejandro); Gil, I. (Iñigo)
5-Feb-2024Liver cancer arterial perfusion modelling and CFD boundary conditions methodology: a case study of the haemodynamics of a patient-specific hepatic artery in literature-based healthy and tumour-bearing liver scenariosArticuloAramburu-Montenegro, J. (Jorge); Antón-Remírez, R. (Raúl); Rivas-Nieto, A. (Alejandro); Ramos-González, J. (Juan Carlos); Sangro, B. (Bruno); Bilbao, J.I. (José I.)
5-Feb-2024Computational particle–haemodynamics analysis of liver radioembolization pretreatment as an actual treatment surrogateArticuloAramburu-Montenegro, J. (Jorge); Antón-Remírez, R. (Raúl); Rivas-Nieto, A. (Alejandro); Ramos-González, J. (Juan Carlos); Sangro, B. (Bruno); Bilbao, J.I. (José I.)
26-Jan-2024Model for the prediction of low-frequency lateral vibrations in drilling process with pilot hole.ArticuloArizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Jimenez, A. (Amaia); Cumbicus, W.E. (Wilmer E.)
26-Jan-2024Modelling of elliptical dimples generated by five-axis milling for surface texturing.ArticuloArizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Jimenez, A. (Amaia); Cumbicus, W.E. (Wilmer E.); Estrems, M. (Manuel); Artano, M. (Maialen)
26-Jan-2024Model for the prediction of whirling vibrations in drilling processes through semi-discretization of the drill motion equationArticuloJimenez, A. (Amaia); Arizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Cumbicus, W.E. (Wilmer E.)
26-Jan-2024Modelling and analysis of surface topography generated in face milling operations.ArticuloJimenez, A. (Amaia); Arizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel)
26-Jan-2024Extraction of tool wear indicators in peck-drilling of Inconel 718ArticuloVeiga, F. (Fernando)
26-Jan-2024Analytical thermal model of orthogonal cutting process for predicting the temperature of the cutting tool with temperature-dependent thermal conductivityArticuloVeiga, F. (Fernando); Arizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Jimenez, A. (Amaia); Gil-Del-Val, A. (Alain)
26-Jan-2024Reactivity of PVD cathodic arc coated hardmetal tools with Inconel 718: Correlation between diffusion couples and tool wear in drilling testsArticuloArdila-Telléz, L.C.(Luis Carlos); Jimenez, A. (Amaia); Moreno-Telléz, C.M.(Carlos Mauricio); Arizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Mujica-Roncery, L. (Lais); Sánchez-Moreno, J.M. (José Manuel)
19-Jan-2024Exploring the potential of smart and multifunctional materials in adaptive opaque façade systems.ArticuloJuaristi, M. (Miren); Monje-Barrio, A. (Aurora); Sánchez-Ostiz, A. (Ana); Gomez-Acebo, T. (Tomás)
16-Jan-2024Experimental study of the influence of operational and geometric variables on the powders produced by close-coupled gas atomisation.ArticuloUrionabarrenetxea, E. (Ernesto); Avello-Iturriagagoitia, A. (Alejo); Rivas-Nieto, A. (Alejandro); Martín-García, J.M. (José Manuel)
10-Jan-2024Fabrication and characterization of SiC sandwich material for Flow Channel Inserts in HT-DCLL blanket by gel castingArticuloPérez-Polo, B. (Beatriz); Bergara, A. (Asier); Bre, A. (Arturs); Malo, M. (Marta); García-Goikoetxea, J. (Javier); Kravalis, K. (Kalvis); Hernández, T. (Teresa); Etxeberria-Uranga, J.J. (Jon Joseba); Martinez Esnaola, J.M.(José Manuel); Platacis, E. (Ernest); Garcia-Rosales, C. (Carmen)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 92