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1-Dec-2022Effect of deformation sequence and coiling conditions on precipitation strengthening in high Ti-Nb-microalloyed steelsArticuloSesma, L.G. (L.G.); López-Soria, B. (Beatriz); Pereda-Centeno, B. (Beatriz)
17-Nov-2022A novel soft tissue prediction methodology for orthognathic surgery based on probabilistic finite element modellingArticuloKnoops, P.G.M. (Paul G. M.); Borghi, A. (Alessandro); Ruggiero, F. (Federica); Badiali, G. (Giovanni); Bianchi, A. (Alberto); Marchetti, C. (Claudio); Rodriguez-Florez, N. (Naiara); Breakey, R.W.F. (Richard W. F.); Jeelani, O. (Owase); Dunaway, D.J. (David J.); Schievano, S. (Silvia)
3-Nov-2022Characterization of austenite microstructure from quenched martensite using conventional metallographic techniques and a crystallographic reconstruction procedureArticuloSanz, L. (Laura); López, B. (Beatriz); Pereda-Centeno, B. (Beatriz)
10-Oct-2022Effect of microstructure on post-rolling Induction treatment in a low C Ti-Mo microalloyed steelArticuloLarzabal-Primo, G.(Gorka); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Rodriguez-Ibabe, J.M. (José María); Uranga-Zuaznabar, P. (Peio)
1-Jul-2022Changes in mechanical properties of adipose tissue after bariatric surgery driven by extracellular matrix remodelling and neovascularization are associated with metabolic improvementsArticuloUnamuno, X. (Xabier); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Becerril, S. (Sara); Álvarez-Cienfuegos, J. (Javier); Ramirez, B. (Beatriz); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Ezquerro-Ezquerro, S. (Silvia); Valenti, V. (Víctor); Moncada, R. (Rafael); Mentxaka, A. (Amaia); Llorente, M. (Marcos); Silva, C. (Camilo); Elizalde, R. (Reyes); Catalan, V. (Victoria); Frühbeck, G. (Gema)
1-Jul-2022Computational study of a novel catheter for liver radioembolizationArticuloOrtega, J. (Julio); Antón, R. (Raúl); Ramos, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Rivas, A. (Alejandro); Sanchez-Larraona, G. (Gorka); Sangro, B. (Bruno); Bilbao, J.I. (José I.); Aramburu-Montenegro, J. (Jorge)
30-Jun-2022Effect of Nb and Mo on austenite microstructural evolution during hot deformation in boron High strength steelsArticuloZurutuza, I. (Irati); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Detemple, E. (Eric); Schwinn, V. (Volker); Mohrbacher, H. (Hardy); Uranga-Zuaznabar, P. (Peio)
30-Jun-2022An analysis of different deep learning neural networks for intra-hour solar irradiation forecasting to compute solar photovoltaic generators' energy productionArticuloEtxegarai, G. (Garazi); López, A. (Asier); Aginako, N. (Naiara); Rodríguez, F. (Fermín)
29-Jun-2022Mono- and multi-diameter approaches to predict stratified flow structure by means of CFD simulations in DAF systemsArticuloHlukhov, D. (Dmytro); Sanchez-Larraona, G. (Gorka); Rivas, A. (Alejandro); Ramos, J.C. (Juan Carlos)
13-Apr-2022Using deep learning and meteorological parameters to forecast the photovoltaic generators intra-hour output power interval for smart grid controlArticuloRodríguez, F. (Fermín); Galarza-Rodríguez, A. (Ainhoa); Vasquez, J.C. (Juan C); Guerrero, J.M. (Josep M.)
6-Apr-2022Analytical model for the prediction of permeability of triply periodic minimal surfacesArticuloAsbai-Ghoudan, R. (Reduan); Ruiz de Galarreta-Moriones, S.(Sergio); Rodriguez-Florez, N. (Naiara)
6-Apr-2022Laser powder bed fusion of porous graded structures: a comparison between computational and experimental analysisArticuloRuiz de Galarreta-Moriones, S.(Sergio); Doyle, R.J. (Ruben J.); Jeffers, J. (Jonathan); Ghouse, S. (Shaaz)
6-Apr-2022LIPSS manufacturing with regularity control through laser wavefront curvatureArticuloSan-Blas, A.; Martínez-Calderón, M. (Miguel); Granados-Mateo, E. (Eduardo); Gómez-Aranzadi, M.; Rodríguez, A. (Ainara); Olaizola, S.M. (Santiago Miguel)
4-Apr-2022Effect of quenching strategy and Nb-Mo sdditions on phase transformations and quenchability of high-strength boron steelsArticuloZurutuza, I. (Irati); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Detemple, E. (Eric); Schwinn, V. (Volker); Mohrbacher, H. (Hardy); Uranga-Zuaznabar, P. (Peio)
19-Jan-2022Anisotropic cryostructured collagen scaffolds for efficient delivery of RhBMP–2 and enhanced bone regenerationArticuloStuckensen, K. (Kai); Lamo-Espinosa, J.M. (J. M.); Muiños-López, E. (Emma); Ripalda, P. (P.); Lopez, T. (Tania); Iglesias, E. (Elena); Abizanda, G. (Gloria); Andreu-Arzuaga, I. (Ion); Flandes-Iparraguirre, M. (María); Pons-de-Villanueva, J. (Juan); Elizalde, R. (Reyes); Nickel, J. (Joachim); Ewald, A. (Andrea); Gbureck, U. (Uwe); Prosper, F. (Felipe); Groll, J. (Jürgen); Granero-Moltó, F. (Froilán)
17-Jan-2022Interaction between microalloying additions and phase transformation during intercritical deformation in low carbon steelsArticuloMayo, U. (Unai); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Rodriguez-Ibabe, J.M. (José María); Uranga-Zuaznabar, P. (Peio)
17-Jan-2022Substructure development and damage initiation in a carbide-free bainitic steel upon tensile testArticuloTaboada-Legaza, M.C.(Maria del Carmen); Iza-Mendia, A. (Amaia); Gutiérrez, I. (Isabel); Jorge-Badiola, D. (Denis)
14-Jan-2022A plain linear rule for fatigue analysis under natural loading considering the coupled fatigue and corrosion effectArticuloCalderon-Uríszar-Aldaca, I. (I.); Briz, E. (E.); Biezma, M.V. (M. V.); Puente, I. (I.)
17-Dec-2021Design and development of a low-cost wearable glove to track forces exerted by workers in car assembly linesArticuloFrancés, L. (Leire); Sánchez-Ventura-Morer, M.I. (Maria Inés); Rodriguez, M.I. (Maria Isabel); Cazón-Martín, A.(Aitor)
19-Nov-2021Polarization conversion on nanostructured metallic surfaces fabricated by LIPSSArticuloCasquero, N. (Noemí); Martínez-Calderón, M. (Miguel); Perez, N. (Noemí); Granados-Mateo, E. (Eduardo); Olaizola, S.M. (Santiago Miguel); Rodríguez, A. (Ainara)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28