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5-Feb-2024Relevance of artifact removal and number of stimuli for video head impulse test examinationArticuloTrinidad-Ruiz, G. (Gabriel); Rey-Martinez, J.A. (Jorge Alberto); Matiño, E. (Eusebi); Batuecas-Caletrio, A. (Angel); Martin-Sanz, E. (Eduardo); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás)
5-Feb-2024Visual performance and perception as a target of saccadic strategies in patients with unilateral vestibular lossArticuloTrinidad-Ruiz, G. (Gabriel); Rey-Martinez, J.A. (Jorge Alberto); Batuecas-Caletrio, A. (Angel); Matiño, E. (Eusebi); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás)
5-Feb-2024A new and faster method to assess vestibular compensation: A cross-sectional studyArticuloGuajardo-Vergara, C. (Carlos); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás)
5-Feb-2024Classification of vestibular signs and examination techniques: Nystagmus and nystagmus-like movementsArticuloEggers, S.D.Z. (Scott D. Z.); Bisdorff, A. (Alexandre); Brevern, M. (Michael); Zee, D.S. (David S.); Kim, J.S. (Ji-Soo); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás); Welgampola, M.S. (Miriam S.); Della-Santina, C.C. (Charles C.); Newman-Toker, D.E. (David E.)
1-Feb-2024Magnetic resonance volumetric quantification of vestibular endolymphatic hydrops in patients with unilateral definite meniere’s disease using 3D inversion recovery with real reconstruction (3D-REAL-IR) sequenceArticuloSuarez-Vega, V. (Víctor); Manrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Dominguez, P. (Pablo); Blanco, M. (Melissa); Alonso-Burgos, A. (Alberto); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás)
19-Dec-2023Design and development of an automated feedback and scoring system for self-directed learning of flexible nasal endoscopy with an airway simulatorArticuloLlorente-Ortega, M. (Marcos); Fernández-González, S. (Secundino)
21-Nov-2023Histopathological reaction in the vestibule after cochlear implantation in Macaca fascicularis.ArticuloManrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Garaycochea, O. (Octavio); Parilli-Troconis, D. (Daniella); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás); Manrique, M. (Manuel)
15-Nov-2023Next-generation sequencing improves precision medicine in hearing lossArticuloImizcoz-Fabra, T. (Teresa); Prieto-Matos, C. (Carlos); Manrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Calavia, D. (Diego); Huarte-Irujo, A. (Alicia); Pruneda, P.C. (P.C.); Ordoñez, G.R. (G.R.); Cañada-Higueras, E. (E.); Patiño-García, A. (Ana); Alkorta-Aranburu, G. (Gorka); Manrique-Rodríguez, M.J. (Manuel Jesús)
25-Sep-2023Could the use of a new novel bipolar radiofrequency device (Aerin) improve nasal valve collapse? A systematic review and meta-analysisRevisionCasale-Falcone, M. (Manuele); Mofa, A. (Antonio); Giorgi, L. (Lucrezia); Pierri, M. (Michelangelo); Lugo, R. (Rodolfo); Jacobowitz, O. (Ofer); Baptista-Jardin, P. (Peter)
20-Sep-2023Comparison of intranasal steroid application using nasal spray and spray-sol to treat allergic rhinitis: a preliminary investigationArticuloMoffa, A. (Antonio); Giorgi, L. (Lucrezia); Carnuccio, L. (Luca); Lugo, R. (Rodolfo); Baptista-Jardin, P. (Peter); Casale-Falcone, M. (Manuele)
25-Aug-2023Myofunctional therapy app for severe apnea-hypopnea sleep obstructive syndrome: Pilot randomized controlled trialArticuloO’Connor-Reina, C. (Carlos); Garcia, J.M.I. (José Maria Ignacio); Rodriguez-Ruiz, E. (Elisa); Morillo-Dominguez, M.C. (Maria-Del-Carmen); Barrios, V.I. (Victoria Ignacio); Baptista-Jardin, P. (Peter); Casado-Morente, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Garcia-Iriarte, M.T. (Maria Teresa); Plaza, G. (Guillermo)
16-Aug-2023Vestibular impairment in hemifacial spasm syndrome: A case reportArticuloBarona, L. (Luz); Krstulovic, C. (Claudio); Bejarano, B. (B.); Perez, N. (N.)
4-Jul-2023Surgical anatomy of the lingual nerve for palate surgery: where is located and how to avoid itArticuloGaraycochea, O. (Octavio); Baptista, P.M. (Peter M.); Calvo-Imirizaldu, M. (Marta); Terrasa, D. (David); Moffa, A. (Antonio); Casale-Falcone, M. (Manuele); Alcalde, J. (Juan); O’Connor-Reina, C. (Carlos); Plaza-Mayor, G. (Guillermo); Fernández-González, S. (Secundino)
3-Jul-2023Intra-operative radiological diagnosis of a tip roll-over electrode array displacement using fluoroscopy, when electrophysiological testing is normal: the importance of both techniques in cochlear implant surgery.ArticuloGaraycochea, O. (Octavio); Manrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Manrique, M. (Manuel)
3-Jul-2023Correlation between high-resolution computed tomography scan findings and histological findings in human vestibular end organs and surgical implicationsArticuloManrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Zulueta-Santos, C. (Cristina); Garaycochea, O. (Octavio); Álvarez-de-Linera-Alperi, M. (Marta); Manrique, M. (Manuel)
3-Jul-2023COVID-19 infection and its influence in otorhinolaryngology-head and neck surgeryArticuloParilli-Troconis, D. (Daniella); Baptista, P.M. (Peter M.); Marcano-Lozada, M. (Marcel); Goncalves, S. (Stefania); Shahal, D. (David); Chiossone-Kerdel, J.A. (Juan Armando)
12-Jun-2023Electrical vestibular stimulation in humans: a narrative reviewArticuloSluydts, M. (Morgana); Curthoys, I. (Ian); Vanspauwen, R. (Robby); Croll-Papsin, B. (Blake); Lynn-Cushing, S. (Sharon); Ramos, A. (Angel); Ramos-de-Miguel, A. (Angel); Borkoski-Barreiro, S. (Silvia); Barbara, M. (Maurizio); Manrique, M. (Manuel); Zarowski, A. (Andrzej)
12-Jun-2023Hypoglossal nerve stimulation in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: patient selection and new perspectivesArticuloBaptista, P.M. (Peter M.); Costantino, A. (Andrea); Moffa, A. (Antonio); Rinaldi, V. (V.); Casale-Falcone, M. (Manuele)
7-Jun-2023Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: from phenotype to genetic basisArticuloCasale-Falcone, M. (Manuele); Pappacena, M. (M.); Rinaldi, V. (V.); Bressi, F. (F.); Baptista-Jardin, P. (Peter); Salvinelli, F. (F.)
7-Jun-2023Histopathological reaction in the vestibule after cochlear implantation in Macaca fascicularis.ArticuloManrique-Huarte, R. (Raquel); Garaycochea, O. (Octavio); Parillis-Troconis, D. (Daniela); Perez-Fernandez, N. (Nicolás); Manrique, M. (Manuel)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 89