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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
9-May-2024Influence of process parameters in graphene oxide obtention on the Properties of mechanically strong alginate nanocompositesArticuloFayanas-Alastuey, A. (Aintzane); Larraza, I. (Izaskun); Ugarte, L. (Lorena); Gabilondo, N. (Nagore); Arbelaiz, A. (Aitor); Corcuera, M.A. (María Ángeles); Eceiza, A. (Arantxa)
15-Apr-2024A microstructure-based constitutive model for eutectoid steelsArticuloRodríguez-Páez, J. (Jorge); Dorronsoro-Larbide, A. (Aritz); Martínez-Esnaola, J.M. (José Manuel); Gil-Sevillano, J. (Javier); Alkorta-Barragán, J. (Jon)
15-Apr-2024Efficient composite colorization of copper by spatially controlled oxidation with deep-UV ultrafast lasersArticuloGroussin, B. (Baptiste); Martínez-Calderón, M. (Miguel); Beldarrain, O. (Oihane); Rodríguez-González, A. (Ainara); Olaizola-Izquierdo, S.M. (Santiago Miguel); Marsh, B.A. (Bruce A.); Granados, E. (Eduardo)
15-Apr-2024Effect of carbon content and cooling rate on the microstructure and hardness of TiC-Fe-Cr-Mo cermetsArticuloNavarrete-Cuadrado, J. (Jazmina); Soria-Biurrun, T. (Tomás); Lozada-Cabezas, L. (Lorena); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Ibarreta-Lopez, F. (Federico); Martinez-Pampliega, R. (Roberto); Sánchez-Moreno, J.M. (José Manuel)
5-Mar-2024New strategies based on liquid phase sintering for manufacturing of diamond impregnated bitsArticuloLuno-Bilbao, C. (Carmen); Polvorosa, N.G. (N.G.); Veiga, A. (A.); Iturriza-Zubillaga, I. (Iñigo)
28-Feb-2024Collaborative human–robot interaction interface: development for a spinal surgery robotic assistanArticuloAmarillo, A. (Andrés); Sanchez-Tapia, E.J. (Emilio José); Oñativia, J. (Jon)
28-Feb-2024Experimental quantitative comparison of different control architectures for master-slave teleoperation.ArticuloAliaga, I. (Iñaki); Rubio-Díaz-Cordovés, Á. (Ángel); Sanchez-Tapia, E.J. (Emilio José)
31-Jan-2024An EBSD-based methodology for the characterization of intercritically deformed low carbon steelArticuloMayo-Ijurra, U. (Unai); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Jorge-Badiola, D. (Denis); Rodriguez-Ibabe, J.M. (José María); Uranga-Zuaznabar, P. (Peio)
31-Jan-2024On the characterization procedure to quantify the contribution of microstructure on mechanical properties in intercritically deformed low carbon HSLA steelsArticuloMayo-Ijurra, U. (Unai); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Rodriguez-Ibabe, J.M. (José María); Uranga-Zuaznabar, P. (Peio)
31-Jan-2024Relation between microstructure and mechanical properties on intercritically deformed low carbon steels.ArticuloMayo-Ijurra, U. (Unai); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Rodriguez-Ibabe, J.M. (José María); Uranga-Zuaznabar, P. (Peio)
31-Jan-2024Analysis of strain partitioning in intercritically deformed microstructures via interrupted tensile tests.ArticuloMayo-Ijurra, U. (Unai); Isasti-Gordobil, N. (Nerea); Rodriguez-Ibabe, J.M. (José María); Uranga-Zuaznabar, P. (Peio)
26-Jan-2024Model for the prediction of low-frequency lateral vibrations in drilling process with pilot hole.ArticuloArizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Jimenez, A. (Amaia); Cumbicus, W.E. (Wilmer E.)
26-Jan-2024Modelling of elliptical dimples generated by five-axis milling for surface texturing.ArticuloArizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Jimenez, A. (Amaia); Cumbicus, W.E. (Wilmer E.); Estrems, M. (Manuel); Artano, M. (Maialen)
26-Jan-2024Model for the prediction of whirling vibrations in drilling processes through semi-discretization of the drill motion equationArticuloJimenez, A. (Amaia); Arizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Cumbicus, W.E. (Wilmer E.)
26-Jan-2024Modelling and analysis of surface topography generated in face milling operations.ArticuloJimenez, A. (Amaia); Arizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel)
26-Jan-2024Extraction of tool wear indicators in peck-drilling of Inconel 718ArticuloVeiga, F. (Fernando)
26-Jan-2024Reactivity of PVD cathodic arc coated hardmetal tools with Inconel 718: Correlation between diffusion couples and tool wear in drilling testsArticuloArdila-Telléz, L.C.(Luis Carlos); Jimenez, A. (Amaia); Moreno-Telléz, C.M.(Carlos Mauricio); Arizmendi-Jaca, M. (Mikel); Mujica-Roncery, L. (Lais); Sánchez-Moreno, J.M. (José Manuel)
22-Jan-2024Integration of multibody systems in mechatronic simulation environments of any kind.ArticuloUrruzola, J. (Javier); Suescun-Cruces, A. (Ángel); Celigüeta-Lizarza, J.T. (Juan Tomás); Pargada, J.(Javier); Pérez, M. (Mikel); Ausejo-Muñoz, S. (Sergio)
19-Jan-2024Analysis of driver's steering and speed control strategies in curve negotiation.ArticuloSavkoor, A.R.; Ausejo-Muñoz, S. (Sergio)
19-Jan-2024A comparison between optimization-based human motion prediction methods: data-based, knowledge-based and hybrid approachesArticuloPasciuto, I. (Ilaria); Ausejo-Muñoz, S. (Sergio); Celigüeta-Lizarza, J.T. (Juan Tomás); Suescun-Cruces, A. (Ángel); Cazón-Martín, A.(Aitor)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 103