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26-Apr-2022The role of emotional intelligence and self-care in the stress perception during COVID-19 outbreak: An intercultural moderated mediation analysisArticuloBermejo-Martins, E. (Elena); Luis-Garcia, E.O. (Elkin Oswaldo); Fernández-Berrocal, P. (Pablo); Martinez, M. (Martín); Sarrionandia, A. (Ainize)
13-Apr-2022Experiencing the possibility of near death on a daily basis: A phenomenological study of patients with chronic heart failureArticuloOlano-Lizarraga, M. (Maddi); Martín-Martín, J. (Jesús); Perez-Diez-del-Corral, M. (Mercedes); Saracíbar-Razquin, M. (Maribel)
14-Feb-2022Interventions to empower cardiorenal patients: A systematic reviewArticuloAnia-González, N. (Noelia); Olano-Lizarraga, M. (Maddi); Vazquez-Calatayud, M. (Mónica)
11-Oct-2021Recommendations by the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy, the Spanish Society of Oncology Nursing and the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology for the safe management of antineoplastic medication in cancer patientsArticuloVera, R. (R.); Otero, M.J. (M. J.); Ayala-de-la-Peña, F. (F.); González‑Pérez, C. (C.); Peñuelas, Á. (Á.); Sepúlveda, J.M. (J. M.); Quer, N. (N.); Doménech‑Climent, N. (N.); Virizuela, J.A. (J. A.); Beorlegui, P. (P.); Gorgas, M.Q (M. Q.)
1-Oct-2021A pilot study on the Spanish version of the Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale (PAIS‐SR) with carers of people with Parkinson's diseaseArticuloPortillo, M.C. (María Carmen); Ambrosio, L. (Leire); Martín-Lanas, R. (Raquel); Navarta-Sánchez, M. V. (Mª Victoria); Ursua-Sesma, M.E. (M. Eugenia); Riverol, M. (Mario)
20-May-2021Palliative care professionals’ message to others: an ethnographic approachArticuloReigada, C. (Carla); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Gonçalves, E. (Edna); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María)
25-Feb-2021Different responses to stress, health practices and self-care during COVID-19. Lockdown: a stratified analysisArticuloBermejo-Martins, E. (Elena); Luis-Garcia, E.O. (Elkin Oswaldo); Sarrionandia, A. (Ainize); Martinez, M. (Martín); Garcés, M.S. (María Sol); Yair-Oliveros, E. (Edwin); Cortés-Rivera, C. (Cristian); Belintxon, M. (Maider); Fernández-Berrocal, P. (Pablo)
24-Feb-2021How to measure the effects and potential adverse events of palliative sedation? An integrative reviewArticuloBelar, A. (Alazne); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Payne, S. (Sheila); Preston, N. (Nancy); Rijpstra, M. (Maaike); Hasselaar, J. (Jeroen); Radbruch, L. (Lukas); Vanderelst, M. (Michael); Ling, J. (Julie); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
20-Jan-2021Translation and psychometric validation of the Spanish version of the Demand Control Support Questionnaire (DCSQ) for nursing professionalsArticuloAlfaro-Díaz, C. (Cristina); Esandi, N. (Nuria); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Pardavila-Belio, M.I. (Miren Idoia); Canga-Armayor, N. (Navidad); Canga-Armayor, A.D. (Ana Dolores)
11-Dec-2020Rasch analysis of the living with chronic illness scale in Parkinson's diseaseArticuloAmbrosio, L. (Leire); Rodríguez-Blazquez, C. (Carmen); Ayala, A. (Alba); Forjaz, M.J. (Maria João)
30-Oct-2020Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric testing of the spanish version of Iceland health care practitioner illness beliefs questionnaireArticuloAlfaro-Díaz, C. (Cristina); Esandi, N. (Nuria); Canga-Armayor, N. (Navidad); Pardavila-Belio, M.I. (Miren Idoia); Pueyo-Garrigues, M. (María); Gutiérrez-Alemán, M.T. (María Teresa); Canga-Armayor, A.D. (Ana Dolores)
6-Aug-2020Cross-sectional survey of the wish to die among palliative patients in Spain: one phenomenon, different experiencesArticuloBelar, A. (Alazne); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Santesteban, Y. (Yolanda); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Martínez, M. (Marina); Lama, M. (Marcos); Rullán, M. (María); Olza-Moreno, I. (Inés); Breeze, R. (Ruth); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
25-Jun-2020Palliative care in its own discourse: a focused ethnography of professional messaging in palliative careArticuloReigada, C. (Carla); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
25-Jun-2020Trends analysis of specialized palliative care services in 51 countries of the WHO European region in the last 14 yearsArticuloArias-Casais, N. (Natalia); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Garralda, E. (Eduardo); Pons-Izquierdo, J.J. (Juan José); Rhee, J.Y. (John Y.); Radbruch, L. (Lukas); Lima, L. (Liliana) de; Centeno, C. (Carlos)
24-Jan-2020Barriers and facilitators perceived by registered nurses to providing person-centred care at the end of life. A scoping reviewArticuloCarvajal, A. (Ana); Haraldsdottir, E. (Erna); Kroll, T. (Thilo); McCormack, B. (Brendan); Larkin, P. (Phil); Errasti-Ibarrondo, M.B. (María Begoña)
22-Jan-2020Student's Inventory of Professionalism (SIP): A tool to assess attitudes towards professional development based on palliative care undergraduate educationArticuloNoguera, A. (Antonio); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); López-Fidalgo, J. (Jesús); Gea, A. (Alfredo); Acitores, A. (Alberto); Arbea, L. (Leire); Centeno, C. (Carlos)
11-Jun-2019What is the “right” number of hospital beds for palliative population health needs?ArticuloWilson, D.M. (Donna M.); Brow, R. (Ryan); Playfair, R. (Robyn); Errasti-Ibarrondo, M.B. (María Begoña)
10-Jun-2019People with advanced cancer: the process of living well with awareness of dyingArticuloArantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María); García-Rueda, N. (Noelia); Carvajal, A. (Ana); Robinson, C. (Carole)
10-Jun-2019The location of death and dying across Canada: a study illustrating the socio-political context of death and dyingArticuloWilson, D.M. (Donna M.); Shen, Y. (Ye); Errasti-Ibarrondo, M.B. (María Begoña); Birch, S. (Stephen)
2-May-2019The significance of gratitude for palliative care professionals: a mixed method protocolArticuloAparicio, M. (María); Centeno, C. (Carlos); Arantzamendi-Solabarrieta, M. (María)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 36